The caterpillar is becoming quite observant these days.  He can now follow us or objects with his eyes.  He focuses intently and it’s a delight to witness his visual development.

Sometimes I hold him and see him focusing intently on something.  I look into his eyes to see where his gaze has fallen.  I follow that line of vision to see what it is that has captured my baby’s heart.  I expect to find him looking at something brightly colored or soft or cartoonish.  Often times it’s out the window admiring the bright lights of nature outdoors.  When I feed him, his eyes seem to light up with delight at the “food” in front of him.  Yesterday, it was the lamp in our bedroom.  Before, it was the window curtain.  At times it is random and mundane things like our kitchen table.  I would think to myself, “that must not be what he’s looking at” and try to see what else he could be so in awe of.  And I’ve come to the realization.

He’s just in awe with everything around him.  Of course, he’s a baby!  Everything is new and different compared to the blankness that was inside my womb.  I forget that all this is new and so everything – literally everything – is exciting and strange and creative.

I wonder when it was that I stopped being amazed.  Amazed by a random object.  Amazed by the meal set before me.  Amazed by nature dancing with the wind outdoors.  I love how much he loves discovering and I love being able to witness that.  He’s enjoying the world I brought him into.

So once again I pause and reflect on God wanting to watch me observe the world He brought me into.  To watch me be amazed.  To follow my gaze and see me in awe of something so simple that He has created.  It’s such a simple yet such a deeply intimate moment to simply be held by someone and be amazed by what’s in front of you.

Today I’m going to open my eyes.  And look.

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