The other morning I took my dogs outside to run through our backyard.  As soon as I opened the door, Bruno started chasing this little bird.  It hopped away just enough to get out of Bruno's reach.  Poor little thing was just a baby bird!  A baby bird that had not yet figured out how … Continue reading birdbrain


The caterpillar is becoming quite observant these days.  He can now follow us or objects with his eyes.  He focuses intently and it's a delight to witness his visual development. Sometimes I hold him and see him focusing intently on something.  I look into his eyes to see where his gaze has fallen.  I follow … Continue reading amazed


In my last trimester, I had lunch with a friend and asked me the question.  The question that when we're doing well, we love to hear and answer with a smile.  The question that when we aren't doing well, our blood cringes a bit and we think of a safe way to answer the question. … Continue reading full