Prayer’s Reflection

Growing up, I believed that there was a hierarchy to prayer.  Coming from a church that had a hierarchical structure where titles, experience, education, etc all contributed to the amount of structural authority and reverence one deserved, I couldn't help but translate that into spiritual authority. I figured someone who had been in the church … Continue reading Prayer’s Reflection


I turn 34 in two and a half weeks.  I love my birthday. I love it because it gives me an excuse to say "hey come out and see me!". Maybe it's because of that that I'm not excited this year due to the limitations of a dependent newborn consuming all my hours. But I … Continue reading waiting


This week I felt too tired. Too tired to sing, too tired to pray, too tired to move forward. About one year ago I felt I had hit a wall. I remember explicitly shouting to God when we were just one-on-one, "God, I've hit a wall!".  The moment I said it, I had this feeling … Continue reading noise


There's something about the first encounter with the crisp autumn air that flings me back to memories in the prayer room, 9 years ago. It was walking through those cold winds while sipping one too many pumpkin lattes in that transformative season that I first learned how to grieve, mourn, and release. How I first … Continue reading autumn.